The inside of your property

Prestige Recruit restores the inside of your property. As Catherine Cornet could do it for the inside of a property’s annex. This annex is over 100 years old and didn’t correspond to the family needs anymore. To this end, Prestige Recruit must first establish the specifications with the customer. The following step was to select the craftsmen to realise the works. Prestige Recruit will be on the working site for its customer to make sure that every detail and request are perfectly respected. Once the works completed, Prestige Recruit, your House Manager, will carry the acceptance out, with the customer’s approval.

The outside of your property

Prestige Recruit works with landscape architects who design and transcend gardens.

The House Manager’s role is to supervise the works.

Our customers are highly sensitive to the beauty of their garden. For example, Prestige Recruit will assist a customer in decorating a garden only with roses and white flowers on the occasion of a child’s first birthday.

Make your residence profitable

Prestige Recruit is responsible for making residences profitable.
The priority is to control the operating costs by controlling the consumption.

We also propose other solutions suitable for the family and the way the property is used.

Tailored solutions are submitted following a detailed study of the Domain.

Staff teams management

Staff teams’ management is the most delicate part of Prestige Recruit’s missions. Always facing the customers’ demands, The House Manager ensures the proper functioning and the good coordination of the teams with each other.

Being a house manager, also means with guiding the customers in order to avoid any conflict with the staff, in the respect of the French Laws. That’s why Prestige Recruit is assisted by a team of experts in social legislation, in all actions.

Best qualified partners

For exceptional customers, Prestige Recruit is surrounded by the best craftsmen, “Meilleurs Ouvriers de France” or “Compagnons du devoir”, in order to realize a specific and delicate work.

To meet specific demands, in all trades, Catherine Cornet is surrounded by experts who answer quickly and efficiently.

Personalized services

Prestige Recruit is always doing the best to meet the special demands for each client.

Catherine is available, reactive and perceptive, and she personally answers her clients as they have only one phone number: hers.

No intermediary, she is dealing alone with all the requests. Her team supports her for quickly and efficiently answering to the requests.